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Overcoming the deception to find a true identity


In 2015 Canada's government simplified the personal identity of the former boat people by stereotyping them as "victims of the fall of Saigon". Today, this stereotype has become pervasive in Canada's conception of the boat people and Canada's Vietnamese community.[1]

In truth, the former boat people in Canada have a much more diverse and interesting identity. The Vietnam War is simply something that was in their past, and they had a variety of perspectives that had nothing to do with their admission to Canada.

In 2015 Canada's government adopted a new "origin story" for Canada's Vietnamese community and instructed the original boat people to disappear from Canadian history. This has led to much hostility and has effectively marginalized the former boat people in Canada.

The government's purpose was to turn Canada into an historically more conservative nation. It should be of concern to all Canadians, not just the boat people, that the government would undertake such a deception.

The government devoted considerable time and resources to this deception and has succeeded in convincing all Canadians that it is true. Today it is almost impossible to find the true story of Canada's boat people.

This web site will guide you through the original, true story, as well as the details of how and why the government buried that story and replaced it with a new one.

You might want to start with our "About" page which outlines the approach we take, or you might want to go directly to the content, where we tell whole story in three parts:


This part tells the true origin story of Canada's Vietnamese community in terms of why and how Canadians undertook to welcome 162,000 people from all over Vietnam on a non-partisan basis. It reveals a diversity that is far more interesting than the government's stereotype.


This part details how, in 2015, Canada retroactively revised 70 years of Canada-Vietnam relations to adopt a partisan stance on the Vietnam war. Canada told three generations of Canadian of Vietnamese origin that things have changed and expressions of diversity are no longer "Canadian".


Resources and advice for students, media reporters, researchers, and writers who want to learn about Canadians of Vietnamese origin. The formal bibliography contains over 500 entries aimed at making it possible for you to find the true history.

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