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+ This is not another account of the journey    

Our story is not about the journey, but about life in Canada in the present. It's a Canadian story.

+ This is a response to a problem.    

Canada's Vietnamese community has been stereotyped as "victims of the fall of Saigon". The stereotype is false and it hides the true origins and diversity of the community.

+ Audience    

Who are we speaking to?

+ What you will find on BoatPeople.ca    

We describe how Canada's response to the boat people crisis shaped Canada's Vietnamese community. We tell how and why Canadian politicians have corrupted that history.

+ An evolving web site    

We've been around since 2014, and our web site continues to evolve.

+ About the author of BoatPeople.ca    

This web site is informed by personal experience.

+ One more thing about our voice    

We do not purport to speak for the Vietnamese community.

+ Feel free to share our work    

In terms of Google search, we are an obscure website that won't appear on the first page of anyone's search results. We need you help to get the word out.