2016-2019 Surrey Fusion Festival

With a commentary on the government response


Organizer: City of Surrey

There is a lot of material in this part, so rather than explain each item in detail we have included a couple of introductory topics that gives some overall background to the events.

In the year-by-year chronology we have included responses to the ARVN lies and propaganda only in cases where we found that the community had responded at the time.

This story ends, for now, in 2019 not because it came to a conclusion but because of the pandemic.

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+ Political context    

The demonstrators are not "the Vietnamese community". They are an international political faction who has come to demonstrate against the Vietnamese community in Surrey.

+ Reasonable responses    

How should one respond to the ARVN demands?

+ 2016    

The yellow flag mounts a campaign to get into the festival, and others out.

+ 2017    

The yellow flag is allowed a pavilion in the festival, but that does not satisfy them. The protests continue.

+ 2018    

More pressure to get the non-political group out.

+ 2019    

The yellow flag group reinforces their expressions of hatred and determination to expel the local group, while the local group reinforces their willingness to accept the yellow flag's presence and their determination not to identify with them.