Canada suppresses cultural expression

Political expression comes first


In practical terms the hostile environment requires all Canadians of Vietnamese origin to identify as nationals of the Saigon regime by displaying its yellow flag at public events and community programs.

Community event organizers universally refuse to display the flag because they do not want to turn their cultural events and community activities into political events that they see as raising a middle finger to Vietnam and to the former boat people.

The government policy effectively empowers conservative groups in Canada to "police" the pro-Saigon requirement and encourage people to conform to it. Some do it in subtle ways by promoting Harper's revised history, but one group that takes up this role enthusiastically and in a very organized manner is the ARVN-affiliated political faction in Canada.

The ARVN people "police" events on behalf of government to detect problems (i.e. absence of the yellow flag), and arrange for public demonstrations against people that refuse to comply with their requirements, denigrating the organizers and participants as "communists" who are "staging an attack on an ethnic community"[3] They associate the event organizers with every atrocity ever committed by communist regimes (as well as many invented by the ARVN). Such attacks continue indefinitely within the community (see VietFest and Surrey Fusion Festival below for examples), effectively ostracizing the target group.

In case the local government who support community activities have not heard about the federal government's commitment to them, ARVN people are ever-present to explain it by referring to the bill that was passed by the federal government and to politicians' habit of wearing the yellow flag into parliament.

Following are a few examples of how the requirement to identify as nationals of the Saigon regime is enforced to effectively shut down non-conforming events and programs. This is by no means a complete inventory.

Two articles following illustrated how recurring events are attacked year-after-year until they either collapse or give in.

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