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396 Motion to accept the UN charter agreed in parliament

Canada HC Debates. (1945-10-19). Approval of the agreement signed at San Francisco June 26, 1945 Signing of the UN charter. Available at: this link (Accessed 2020-08-11).

Subjects (Group/Subheading): Canada-Vietnam to 1975/Context

One liner: The basis for Canada's opposition to colonialism.

Date Published: 1945-10-19   Acquired: 2020-08-11

Source (Type/Source/Notes): Government / Debates 1867-1995 [Canadian] / session 20-1 v1 and v2, approval reached on p. 1334

Collection: 574 Canadian Parliamentary Historical Resources


The debate extended over a few days and ended with a decision on the page noted. Anti- colonialism comments on p. 1288.


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