A Boat People reading list for Canada


This page shows selected items from our Bibliographic data base. The data base contains, in addition to reliable historical resources, a study of the revisionist propaganda being widely published today about Canadians of Vietnamese origin.

This reading list focuses on reliable, published historical resources dealing with the true origins of Canada's Vietnamese community. It also includes a few instances of revisionist sources just for illustration, as well as a few media stories and web sites where they are important.

The first section is a short list of "required reading". These are sufficient to give you the whole story of the origins of Canada's Vietnamese community.

The remaining sections are organized by various topics that you might want to pursue further for context. They are listed in order of priority.

In the additional listings, the coloured bars at the left indicate the type of source: web site (blue) or published book or paper (brown) or media (gold).

Few, if any, of the Canadian books are available in print. You must find them in used book stores.

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+ Essential reading    

These six published books are recommended as "minimum" necessary reading.

+ Canadian response to the SE Asia refugee crisis    

From 1979 to 1996 Canada worked with UNHCR to admit over 200,000 SE Asian refugees to Canada.

+ World responses to the SE Asia refugee crisis    

Canada's response was part of a world-wide effort coordinated by UNHCR and should not be confused with the US response, which was uniquely driven by past US Vietnam policy.

+ Canadian responses to other events in Vietnam    

Canada's responses to the Vietnam War, the fall of Saigon, and the SE Asia refugee crisis were part of a consistent, longstanding SE Asia policy.

+ Media, politicians and Vietnamese Canadians from 2015    

No one has yet written a book on how the government decided to marginalize the Vietnamese refugees in 2015. You have to do original research.

+ Vietnam war history    

The war was not a factor in the refugee crisis but the war provides important context to subsequent political events of 2015, since they were based on a re-framing of the war and bringing it to Canada.

+ The Vietnamese disapora today    

The politics of Vietnamese communities in the US provides some insight into today's politics in Canada.